Our Services

Software Development
Think Software, Think IMIT

We take up Rapid Application Development, so that initial results are generated without delay. It also offers many options for prototyping, got many ready-to-use components and hence, boosts the development process. We also engage advanced frameworks to work on advanced web apps with lesser codes and for building fast and scalable applications. IMIT has the expertise to design apps for Android and iOS Mobile platforms, execute designs for Web and IoT apps with finesse and take up assignments on Augmented Reality and E-learning products. Our skill set is ever widening as we keep learning at every step, and also because, we are the best in talent spotting.

Media Hub
Speaking With Visuals

Anything Visual, IMIT Park can deliver. We dream visually. The Media Park at IMIT is equipped to cater to any multi-media requirements. With the all-pervading presence of social media, the look and feel of audio-video productions is changing by the hour. You need a team that is updated in real time to the contemporary pulses. Be it Pay Per Click ads, or engaging content for marketing and social media or Search Engine marketing – IMIT has it all. Your brand management will be a walk in the park once you have stepped into the Media Park. You leave your brand with us; we will make sure it is there in heights you have dreamt of.

Bridging The Future

At IMIT, It is the perfect corporate ambiance that one needs to issue forth and conquer new career heights in IT and Media industries. All facilities with adequate support mechanism will be ready, even for ‘plug-and-play’ mode of setting up an office. We invite you to come, to see and to conquer the world of opportunities that is waiting for you. Occupiers will have both permanent and flex space solutions in the workspace. This way, occupiers can combine core, long-term leases with the ability to flex additional seats up and down with headcount needs.

Workspace will be designed in a highly sophisticated manner in which all the basic amenities like High-speed Internet connection or Wi-Fi, Meeting rooms, Comfortable chairs, Phone booth, Secured workstation, Printers and scanners, Cafeteria or lunch room, pantry, recreation floor and what more to support the work pace that meets the best standard in the market. Across all workspace, the amenities and workspaces are packed with heightened cleaning and hygiene standards that will be aligned with the guidance provided by the WHO and local health organizations.

Innovation Lab-IdeaX

We will create a new way to do things. Innovation plays a vital role in the development of sustainable methods of both production and living because in both cases it is necessary to create alternatives to conventional ways of doing things that were developed before environmental consideration was central to most people’s framework for making decisions.

Technology is advancing in a faster pace that is ever challenging the humankind could have ever imagined, which impeding towards an evolution in consumer needs and demands at a faster pace. This trend drives a necessity to innovate, disrupt and reshape businesses all across the corporate world. At IMIT, our innovation model is developed on a phase to keep an interest in social transformation and explorations over its consequences towards it’s the development, spread, and adoption or rejection of new products, activities, ideas and services. We need new thinkers, we need challengers, and we need explorers... IMIT brings out the next generation innovations that enable to organize ourselves as a global community so that we can innovate new approaches towards challenges we face today. Every generation talks about young people being the hope for the future and today is the day. We will be housing young aspirant innovators who bring fresh perspectives and elegant solutions to the problems. More, it is recognition of the value both youth and experience can create together.

It’s important that we continue to encourage our youth to flourish and support them to be successful and to lead towards a better tomorrow together. Our nation’s growth and wealth are closely connected to how it will make use of data and connected technologies. IMIT will be creating a platform with high-quality digital infrastructure and a regulatory framework that protects privacy and freedom of speech. Through this transformation towards infinite dreams over the innovative voyage together we can make a big difference to a better tomorrow.